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Dr.Unchalee Sanguanpong is our founder who has discovered the benefits of Neems extracts that will be the answer for the treatment and cure. Belief and ideology are the keys to obtain the achievement of her lifetime studies and without a doubt, Dr.Unchalee has received countless awards and has been recognized throughout the world for her professionalism. All product has been under her research and development to ensure that everyone will be able to live a better life. 

Dr.Unchalee Sanguanpong


Dr.Akara Methasuk, our co-founder, plays a very important role on environmental as well as people welfare issues. Natural disasters are the best evidences to remind all of us to start saving our planet before everything is too late. The destroying of natural resources is one of key factors while poor welfare is one of the reason behind. With strong determination, Dr.Akara has discovered the solution for both issues sustainability. 

Dr.Akara Methasuk

Leaf Alive was established with strong inspiration from personal pain points. Skin infections and inflammations, such as eczema, dermatitis, and acne are huge problems to the living of everyday life while the treatment available is commonly seem to be the use of steroid. Sad to say, it does not provide the cure but only ease the symptom temporally while the studies show that too much use of steroid can be really harmful to our health.   


Mr.Worawat, an entrepreneur with ambition and determination to acknowledge people around the world of how Thai herbs will be beneficial for treatments of various illness. As a professional with years of experience in business operation, Mr.Worawat plans to successfully market Leaf Alive products to all country whereas possible to ease illness naturally for the replacement of chemical medicines. Furthermore, circular economy   

Mr.Worawat Laoarayarak

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